Frequently Asked Questions
» What is SuperShares and how it works?

It is revenue sharing model where you can make money online by doing simple tasks or buying revenue share packs. You can also earn money by watching advertisements and videos, performing online surveys and quizzes. You can also promote your referral link and earn commission from your referrals.

» Is it free or I must deposit and buy something in SuperShares?

It is absolutely free and your not need to deposit to earn money and to withdraw your earned money. You can just earn more if you buy revenue share packages and become our shareholder.

» How actually revenue share model works and how I can make money with this?

By buying revenue share pack that cost $5 you will become our advertiser and shareholder as well.


Each revenue share package contain:

- 1000 paid to click credits

- 2500 banner credits

- 5000 featured ads credits


For every revenue share package purchased you will also get $6.25 back after certain period of time. System usually giving 1% - 2% daily, depending of amount in our revenue share pot.

» Hold on, 1% - 2% return back daily, is it sustainable and what is revenue share pot you mentioned above?

We created system to be sustainable for years. Every time when members deposit money and buy revenue share packs or advertisements, this money will be assigned to different pots:


- 50% to revenue share pot - from this pot system sharing money with our shareholders.

- 12% for PTC ads cost (members earnings when watching ads and upline commission).

- 10% to upline commission when revenue share package has been sold.

- 15% is admin commission.

- 13% is our reserved funds, it will be used to create some contests in site, for marketing and developement expenses, hosting cost or to pump revenue share pot if is there not enough funds.


Basically, we sharing 72% - 85% of our income with our users.

» Sounds great! But do you have any limitations like minimum and maximum payouts?

Not really. We have low minimum payout. You can request your money when you reach $0.50 in account balance or revenue share balance. There is no maximum payouts, you can withdraw as much as you have in balance.

» When I request payment, how long it takes to get money?

You will get payment next day, except for weekends. If you request payment in Friday, you will get it in Monday.

» Which payment processors are accepted to deposits and withdrawals?

You can deposit through Payeer, Perfect Money and Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DAI, Ethereum, Dogecoin, USD Coin, Litecoin, Tether USD, ApeCoin, and Shiba Inu through Coinbase Commerce.

You can withdraw Payeer, Perfect Money, Faucetpay and some cryptocoins that have low fees like Litecoin, Dogecoin, BNB etc..

Since our minimum payout is only $0.50 we cannot pay coins with high mining fees like Bitcoin or Ethereum because fees will be higher than payout amount.

» Why I cannot transfer money from account balance to buy shares and why I cannot buy shares with earned money?

It is because of pots mentioned above. Revenue shares must be purchased directly using payment processor. Only that way system can assign money to different pots. No cashflow and we cannot track it properly if is there many internal transactions.

» How much I can earn from referrals?

You can earn 20% when they watching ads and 10% when they buy revenue shares.

Here you can find your referral link and promo banners: http://www.supershares.net/index.php?view=account&page=banners

» Can I have more than 1 account?

Nope. Only 1 account per household is allowed.

» Can I use VPN?

Yes and no. You can use it to access our website but it is not allowed to use it if you perform surveys and quiz since they are 3rd part companies and they do not allow using VPN.

We might also blacklist certain VPNs if many users using it to abuse system.

» In which cases system suspending accounts?
- System will suspend account if 2 or more accounts using same gadget or if you have 2 or more account in household.
- If you cheating in surveys and quizzes and we get chargeback from them.
- Because of inactivity. It is required to login in website at least once per 30 days. If your account become inactive, your balance will gone automatically and we will not be able to restore it.
» What is not allowed to advertise in your website?

You are now allowed to advertise any adult content, political content, war propaganda or vaccine propaganda.

You are not allowed to promote websites that contain popup or popunder ads, viruses or it is hard to open them.

We discourage to promote websites with adsense ads because Google do not allow paid traffic. 

Such ads we will delete as soon as we noticed them and your credits will not be returned back.

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